About Cathy Dees

Cathy is an accomplished communication expert who develops and delivers effective training for professionals. Her proficiency in writing and speaking support a kick-ass career in communicating how to communicate. In addition to successfully serving as a national-level university administrator and producing scads of practical teaching and training materials as a professor, Cathy has co-authored a communication handbook. She is an active member of the Association for Business Communication and is fascinated with how language changes to reflect current technology and evolving business practices.

In addition to a Ph.D. in writing from the University of Illinois at Chicago, she is fluent in Labrador Retriever and once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. Cathy has been a commencement speaker and has served as a volunteer in literacy, education, and service organizations in the Chicago area. When not helping others find their moxie, Cathy can usually be found running, biking, swimming, playing golf, playing the drums, or trying to train her dog, Busby. (He’s got a lot of moxie!)

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Confidence and Power in Writing

“In writing, as in life, order your stuff, stay in shape, make informed decisions, and carry on.” Cathy Dees


“Do it now!” Cathy Dees


“What do you mean, ‘What do you mean?’” Myrna Loy as Muriel Blandings. Frank, M. & Panama, N. (Producers), & Potter, H.C. (Director). (1948). Mr. Blandings builds his dream house [Film]. United States: RKO Pictures.

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