COLE: College Online Learning Excellence

College Online Learning Excellence (COLE) provides a foundation for developing the skills and strategies necessary to successfully complete classes/courses in an online or hybrid/learning environment in higher education.

In COLE, college students are introduced to, guided through, and participate in the kinds of learning activities and interaction likely to be required in online or hybrid/blended courses. Overall, COLE provides adult learners with practical skills and learning- and time-management strategies necessary to support academic success while balancing their other life responsibilities.

COLE is specifically designed for full- or part-time undergraduate or graduate students who are new to the online learning environment. It’s delivered online: in real-time webinars, as recorded versions of those real-time webinars, or as pre-recorded webinars (without participants) for viewing on-demand.

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Power On!

College Online Learning Excellence comprises three 60-75-minute webinars covering the following outcomes as they relate to learning in an online or hybrid/blended environment:

  • Describe key differences between various teaching modalities
  • Recognize the benefits/challenges of learning in virtual classrooms
  • Assess students’ current level of comfort with elearning
  • Analyze the attributes of a successful virtual learner
  • Develop effective online and hybrid/blended learning skills
  • Create problem-solving strategies that support academic success

The three COLE webinars can be delivered all in one day, spread out over a week, or provided once per week for three weeks.

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