Pro training services and materials help you develop professional muscle in a wide range of communication skills, including leadership strategies, communication styles, planning and running meetings, and interpersonal communication.

  • View short videos and/or navigate through written material to increase your business acumen by converting strength to power in every aspect of your business performance.
  • Chart your own customized, informational course, piloting through every topic available or selecting only areas you desire from the complete menu of Pro topics.
  • Engage in one-to-one coaching to highlight your strengths and identify areas for improvement.
  • Schedule onsite workshop, webinar, or consulting options for your organization or department.

Contact us at for a detailed list of topics in each category or for a customized plan designed specifically to increase your professional acumen.

Follow these links to learn more about Corporate and Individualized training options.

Power On!

Are you suffering?

Are you experiencing any of the following: allergic reactions to conflict, meeting intolerance, feedback disorder, shortness of collaboration, buildup of communication blockers, lack of intercultural communication competence, sore leadership muscles, decision-making paralysis, or motivational poisoning?

If so, you know the restraints and challenges that are affecting your career goals. All of these issues involve communication, whether within yourself, with others, or with situations.  

What’s the bottom line?

Invest in yourself! Build relationships with others and develop professional skills. Good “people skills” will make your job easier–you’ll be happier and more productive, save time and energy by reducing problems associated with negative situations, increase your ability to persuade others, and help advance your career.

Who cares?

Everyone around you cares–friends, acquaintances, partners, colleagues, customers, supervisors, subordinates, suppliers, stakeholders, etc. And you should care too; all these people are essential to your success.  

You want to be perceived as a competent communicator who is mindful, culturally sensitive, ethical, and an effective listener.

How can MoxieWorks help?

To ease your pain, Pro includes a wide range of communication exercises that will help you develop compelling advantages in every aspect of your business performance, from becoming an effective managerial leader to improving small group and interpersonal communication skills.

What areas are covered under Pro?

Topics covered in the Pro suite include

  • Manager-leader communication
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Soft skills
  • Careerclimbing tools

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