Bring your moxie to every oral presentation by mastering the Speak suite of instructional services and materials. 

  • View short videos and/or navigate through written material to hone your communication chops, making sure you are ready for any business speaking engagements that arise—and they will.
  • Chart your own customized, informational course, piloting through every topic available or selecting only areas you desire from the complete menu of Speak topics.
  • Engage in one-to-one coaching to highlight your strengths and identify areas for improvement.
  • Schedule onsite workshop, webinar, or consulting options for your organization or department.

Contact us at info@moxieworksllc.com for a detailed list of topics in each category or for a customized list designed specifically to meet your oral presentation needs.

Follow these links to learn more about Corporate and Individualized training options.

Power On!

Are you suffering?

Are you experiencing any of the following: microphone phobia, spotlight avoidance syndrome, death by PowerPoint, or just plain old fear of public speaking?

These symptoms manifest themselves physically and can create awkward armpit stains, distracting nervous ticks, or worse. If you want or need to speak in front of a group, don’t run the risk of breaking out in a rash.

What’s the bottom line?

Effective public speakers aren’t born—they’re made. The good news is that regardless of your current comfort level or skill when it comes to giving presentations, you can improve your public speaking skills through proper training.

Who cares?

If you want to advance your career, create the positive exposure that comes from giving presentations. If you want others’ impressions of you to be positive, develop your ability to present yourself to others with confidence, clarity, and interest.

How can MoxieWorks help?

The content in the Speak suite provides empowerment opportunities by training you to prepare for and execute effective presentations.

If asked to present, you may feel like you’ve been thrown overboard without a life jacket, but we can help you become the Coast Guard of presenters—skilled, prepared, and confident. In other words, we can take you from “Holy crap, I have to give a presentation” to “Stand back, I got this!”

What areas are covered under Speak?

Topics covered in the Speak suite include

• Preparation
• Development
• Delivery
• Follow-up strategies

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