MoxieWorks was a huge help editing and revising a technical article for a pharmaceutical journal. Their expertise was invaluable in preparing the material for publication. They stepped in at a moment’s notice and provided what I needed with a quick turnaround time. I highly recommend MoxieWorks!

Director of Outpatient Pharmacy

All About MoxieWorks

At MoxieWorks we provide customized training and consulting to companies, organizations, and individuals who want to improve their business communication skills. We understand the interconnectedness of written, oral, and interpersonal business communication as conveyed through all media types and how that communication, impacted by technology, affects the overall, long-term success of an organization.

Adept at identifying communication breakdowns and glitches, we create short-term solutions and long-term resolutions that moxify business mojo. We are committed to empowering you with the MoxieWorks tools that can fuel your business process as a whole.

Communication skills aren’t a mysterious, abstract art form. Rather, communication skills are concrete, learnable tools that can be improved with great training . . . that’s what we deliver — Great Training!

The MoxieWorks Series
MoxieWorks covers four areas of professional development/enhancement: writing (Write), public speaking (Speak), leadership and management (Pro), and education (Teach). Different aspects of business communication are addressed throughout each of these areas, and each area employs a variety of training products and services all based on developing and using moxie.

  • Write covers all facets of written communication and is based on a process approach to creating effective messages in any format or medium, for any defined purpose, for any given audience; emphasis is on writing clearly, concisely, and correctly.
    Learn more about Write here…
  • Speak deals with the components of public speaking, covering topics from planning and developing materials to combating nervousness.
    Learn more about Speak here…
  • Pro encompasses the managerial side of communication, including leadership communication styles and strategies, planning and running meetings, and interpersonal considerations.
    Learn more about Pro here…
  • Teach addresses the needs of high school teachers who may benefit from additional resources in order to comfortably teach business writing.
    Learn more about Teach here…
What’s in It for You?
All components of the MoxieWorks Series (Write, Speak, Pro, and Teach) employ a moxie-driven approach, energizing the core of your business communication. Through our onsite and online workshops, webinars, consulting, courses, and coaching, you’ll be introduced to the skills and confidence (along with a splash of spunk) that can help you develop the moxie to support communication success.

Strong communication skills can help you

  • Enhance daily operations
  • Facilitate teamwork
  • Foster productive relationships
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Manage communication technology
  • Prevent misunderstandings
  • Reach your business goals

And, as you know, all of these will increase your earning potential.

Why Us?
Business communication is our “thing.” While there are many business communication resources out there, MoxieWorks packs more power for your profit because we


  • Customize your training—using our expertise in both academic and corporate environments
  • Deliver high-touch instruction and coaching— connecting directly with you
  • Focus on practical business communication—targeting written, oral, visual, and interpersonal
  • Identify and help resolve communication obstacles—producing results, not excuses
  • Offer a variety of formats and scheduling—working onsite/online, with individuals or groups
  • Provide exceptional customer service—employing approachability and accessibility
  • Support success in all communication media—including print, digital, social, and visual
  • And finally, we’ve got moxie—we use our spunk, confidence, and skill—and we can help you develop yours.

    Power on!
Our Story: Moving the Party
Cathy and Lynna met while working for the same university but in different locations. They clicked personally with their love for adventure, interest in sports and fitness, and shared sense of humor. Professionally, they quickly realized they brought the same kind of enthusiasm to every party: respect for the importance of communication and passion for helping others develop competent communication skills. Along with their inherent craving for fun and laughter, spirited collaboration powered their speed, agility, and finesse in effectively managing projects on the communication dance floor.

When they found themselves suddenly downsized after many years of well-respected work, Lynna and Cathy had a drink (okay, maybe more than one) and decided to flex their moxie, put on some new dancing shoes, and take control of their careers. As business advisors, they had repeatedly heard from industry experts about the communication challenges causing problems in business. Recognizing the need for good communication training and materials, Cathy and Lynna conspired to conceive their vision of MoxieWorks. And although they often felt like they were one disco ball short of an all-out dance party, they persevered to develop a plan, guided by Cathy’s administrative savvy and steadied by Lynna’s previous consulting success. Finally, after some viciously-competitive ping pong, a few long hikes, and hours of pensive kayaking, Lynna and Cathy put on new party hats, looked at each other, and said, in unison, “We got this.”

Lynna and Cathy’s combined efforts have brought them on a wild and crazy journey unlike any they could have imagined. United by their willingness to take risks, their ability to have fun in everything they do, and their unyielding confidence in each other, they joined forces to move their party by starting an innovative, web-based business designed to create communication solutions.

Come join the party . . . you’re invited! MoxieWorks begins!


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