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MoxieWorks offers consulting and training for educators who want to optimize teaching and learning effectiveness in a virtual environment. Created specifically for online instructors or students (grades 9-12 or college), we design and deliver customized webinars that help you develop appropriate materials and robust teaching practices that engage students. Additionally, we provide webinars to help students develop the skills and strategies necessary to thrive in their virtual learning experience.

Teaching and learning in virtual learning spaces aren’t mysterious, abstract art forms. Rather, they involve concrete, learnable skills that can be improved with great training, and that’s what we deliver—great training!

Teach Training Modules

Teach training materials give high school teachers the power cords to address the disconnect between academic and workplace writing across various situations and platforms. Offerings include suggested lessons and pedagogical approaches, as well as sample assignments relevant to various audiences and real-world contexts.

  • View short videos and/or navigate through written material to increase your understanding of the types of writing that will be expected of your students in the workplace.
  • Chart your own, customized, informational course, piloting through every topic available or selecting only areas you desire from the complete menu of Teach topics.
  • Schedule onsite workshop, webinar, or consulting options for your school.

Contact us at info@moxieworksllc.com for a detailed list of topics in each category or for a customized list designed specifically for your teaching needs.

Follow these links to learn more about Corporate and Individualized training options.

Power On!

Are you suffering?

Are you tired of hearing your students say, ”This is boring—I’m never going to use this!”  Do you want to respond to their repeated mantra by making sure that your students are getting meaningful writing assignments that relate to the type of writing required of them in life after school?

What’s the bottom line?

Students must be prepared to meet employers’ expectations. And in most employer surveys, oral and written communication are among the most important skills demanded, required, and needed.

Who cares?

Employers care. They really care. They care so much that many of them look at writing samples and use other communication assessment analytics as part of the application process.

And you, their teachers, care, too. (But we already knew that, didn’t we?) The increased emphasis on informational writing requires that you are knowledgeable about the types of writing, situations, and platforms that will be required of your students in the workplace: assignments that focus on the form and content of their writing to accomplish a particular purpose and to communicate clearly to an external, sometimes unfamiliar, audience.  

How can MoxieWorks help?

The Teach suite, designed for high school teachers, provides options for teaching students various forms of workplace and functional writing using assorted communication channels such as printed, electronic, visual, or social media.

What areas are covered under Teach?

Topics covered in the Teach suite include

• Sample business writing assignments and units, for students
• Suggested lesson plans and courses, for teachers

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